Yulia Kovanova‘s work aims to investigate the complex relationship between humans and nature. Taking inspiration from the landscape and the world around, Yulia aims to create multisensory interactive experiences exploring movement. Her work is a mixture of painting, printmaking and interactive installations using video.


The onset of urbanisation can lead to feelings of isolation: by moving closer together we have become disconnected from an essential part of ourselves. Yulia is looking to explore the inter-connections in nature and connections between humans and nature through movement – constant shift and change of the pattern, and look for invisible connections and unveil the balance that is an essential part of how the nature works.


Yulia is looking to strip all unnecessary layers in her work and search for the ‘essence’. She has been largely inspired by Japanese aesthetics, in particular shadows and silhouettes.


Through interrogating the constantly shifting relationship between human and environment, Yulia aims to find ways of breaking through the human-made barriers that often numb consciousness, and to be present and connected with the world around.


Originally from Siberia in the far east of Russia, Yulia is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. She studied art, linguistics and cultural studies in Russia. She undertook MFA in ‘Art, Space & Nature’ at the Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh.